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paia manualProcrastination is the thief of time” (Edward Young, 18th c. poet)

If your business is one of those (mostly smaller – see below) businesses temporarily exempted from lodging your PAIA manual until 31 December 2015, you will be happy to hear that the pressure is off for another 5 years, and that the turnover thresholds have been increased. This is now three times since 2005 that government has, after telling us there will be no further extensions, done an about-face at the very last minute.

Don’t kick yourself however if you rushed to beat the deadline – you will almost certainly still have to comply somewhere down the line, and at least you crossed off one annoying little red tape item from your To-Do list.

Procrastinators on the other hand are doomed to repeat the eleventh-hour panic in 2020. Rather comply now if you haven’t already done so.

Does this extension apply to you?

The new 31 December 2020 deadline applies to most smaller businesses – specifically to any “private body”, including any private company, but not to any non-private company, nor to any private company in any of the business sectors listed below with either –
50 or more employees, or

An annual turnover of or above specific thresholds – see the table below for details.

paia thresholds

(If the table above does not display correctly, please see the “online version” – link above the compliments slip)

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