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Auditors and Auditing Firms in South Africa

VGA Chartered Accountants Incorporated is a national firm of Auditors, Business Consultants, Financial and Information Technology Consultants.

The firm has offices in Gauteng and the Western Cape with four partners.

The firm was established in 2000 to meet the ever changing and unique business, accounting, consulting and management needs of a South African and African market.

The extensive combined business experience of our partners and professionals covering a broad spectrum of business environments, will ensure that our clients have the right skill, expertise, personality mix and access to world-class methodologies, which add value to our clients.

The firm focuses on the tangible and intangible aspects of the business environment together with financial considerations and corporate governance issues, to find better and creative ways to improve the business, processes and operations as well as to add value to the bottom line.

Their clients benefit from their seamless, integrated and leading practice methodologies through their highly skilled professionals who not only offer cost effective and unique business solutions, but also roll up their sleeves and make sure that the solutions work and provide guidance on the implementation of a risk infrastructure that ensures compliance while meeting all good corporate governance requirements.

Clients Benefitting From Our Services:

Extrata South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Basil Reed

Fujifilm South Africa

Auditor General South Africa BMW South Africa

Mazda South Africa

RMB Structured Insurance

Epilepsy Southern cape

Salsberg Concrete Products

Salsberg Concrete Products

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VGA Chartered ACC Inc – BEE Certificate 2016 SIGNED

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